This is the process of imaging performed for evaluation of ovarian reserve and uterus of the women on 2nd – 3rd days of menstruation a the beginning.  As it can be seen in the following ultrasonography images, number of potential eggs is different in each patient.  Medicine protocols are determined according to  this number, and more realistic estimations could be made in relation to the success of the treatment.

Screenshot 1

Spermiogram (sperm analysis) 

In the sperm analysis, which is absolutely asked from the men, the semen sample received by masturbation in the sperm room specially prepared (video etc.) when the sexual abstinens period is between 2-7 days is analyzed.  The number, movement and structure of sperms are evaluated with this test.


Sonohysterography (Saline Ultrasonography)  

Some intrauterine problems that could not be observed with normal ultrasound could be identified by saline ultrasonography which is performed by giving small amount of serum in the uterine at the end of menstruation.  Problems such as polyp, myoma and adhesion could be diagnosed and treated with suitable surgery methods.  The existence of these pathologies decreases the chance of pregnancy and increases the risk of miscarriage.




This is the imaging method applied for evaluation of the intrauterine structure and tubes (canals) applied at the end of menstruation period for women patients.


HSG image where tubes are closed:


HSG image there is septum  inside of the uterus:



HSG image showing that only half of the uterus exists:


Corrective operations could be planned for patients for whom problem is detected as a result of examinations.

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