Complete Chromosomal Screening

Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening

Comprehensive Chromosomal Screnning: More comprehensive, reliable and effective genetic diagnosis with analysis of all chromosomes in the embryo using CGH technique.

With preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) method, it is possible to determine certain diseases before transfer by making tests on chromosome or gene level on embryo in accordance with medical need.

In order to apply PGT, it is necessary to take one or more cells from a developing embryo and to examine these cells with suitable genetic methods.  Until recently, the 3rd day of embryo development, namely the stage in which the embryo has 6-8 cells was preferred for the embryo biopsy process.  The cells taken used to be examined only in terms of certain chromosome or gene regions, and embryos that were determined to be healthy were immediately transferred to the uterus.

With the comprehensive chromosomal screening approach, now the embryo biopsy process is performed on the 5th or 6th day of embryo development and it is possible to examine the cells taken from the point of all chromosomes and various gen problems.  Following the process, the embryos are frozen and embryo or embryos that are determined to be normal according to the results of the examination are transferred to into the uterus  in the following period, thus obtaining higher pregnancy rates.

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