Dynamic Embryo Imaging Systems

Dynamic Embryo Imaging Systems

Safer and more detailed embryo culture and selection

Embryos obtained during treatment in today’s in vitro fertilization laboratories are grown in devices that are produced for mimics the mother’s uterus conditions called incubator (which provide specific temperature, humidity and gas conditions). Together with this, it is necessary to remove the embryos out of this device for following their daily developments and control the development under microscope.

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When they are removed out of the incubator, the embryos are exposed to the laboratory internal conditions.  Recently these problems are minimized with the use of new generation incubators in which camera systems are mounted.  Embryos  could be monitored not only once a day but continuously and there is no need to remove the embryo outside its environment for this observation.

With the dynamic embryo imaging systems, many new parameters are discovered about the embryo development which were not known until now and as these parameters are used in embryo selection, it is expected that there will be an increase in the pregnancy rates and decrease in pregnancy losses.

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