ERA test : Acquiring a more successful pregnancy by assigning personal embryo transfer day

To explain briefly, ERA test is a test that is performed for determining whether the uterus will accept the embryo or when it will accept the embryo following the examination of more than 230 genes that have a role in attachment of the embryo to the uterus on a small piece of tissue taken from the uterus on the day on which embryo transfer is planned.

Studies conducted demonstrate that in 25 % of the cases which have repeated implantation failure, the failure occurs as a result of the fact that the uterus is not fully ready for the embryo on the date of embryo transfer.  Therefore, the most suitable day for the transfer could be determined for pregnancy with the ERA test to be made before embryo transfer in these cases.  Even in some cases, there could be the fact that the uterus is never ready for the embryo.  Unfortunately there is no new treatment that is developed for this situation.

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