Microinjection is a revolution in male dependent infertility treatment.  Microinjection depends on the principle of locating a sperm inside an ovum.  If the sperm is alive, the shape of the sperm, deviations in its movements are bypassed and loose their importance in microinjection.

Following the control examinations and/ or blood analysis performed while in menstruation, drugs for stimulating of the ovaries as assigned by the physician are applied.  The treatment and follow-up are planned after the ultrasound and/ or hormone evaluation made in the second control that is done 4 -5 days following the start of drug application.  The treatment of stimulating the ovaries that starts on the third day of menstruation will last 7- 12 days on average.  For our patients for whom it is considered sufficient to only stimulate the ovaries, the final shut injection needle is planned.

35 – 36 hours after the final shut injection, your oocytes will be collected from the follicles in your ovaries under anesthesia.  On the same day, in vitro fertilization / microinjection will be perform with sperms received from your spouse.

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