Infertility problem of married couples in society

The Problem of Infertility Among Married Couples in the Society

The problem of infertility is seen in 15% of the married couples in the society.  In case that there is no pregnancy in 1 year despite regular intercourse, there is a need to make a research.  The success of couples for pregnancy as a result of monthly regular intercourse is a low probability such as 20%.

At the end of one year, 85% of the couples become pregnant in the society, however, 15% are included under the definition of infertility.  Infertility is not solely the problem of the woman, but of the couples together.  Pregnancy is not a situation, which only the woman can induce.

In general, the factor related to man is responsible in 40% of the infertilities.  In 30-40% of the couples, problems due to both man and woman contribute together.  In 15% of the couples, the existing diagnostic tests are normal and nor visible problem is determined, which is called unexplained infertility.

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